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I'm Róger Mántica, film director and editor.  I've loved movies since I was little, it's been my passion all my life.  I started ROMA Productions in 2005 in my country Nicaragua.  In 2009, I completed my lifelong dream of studying film, and got a Master's Degree in film directing from Escuela de Artes y Espectáculos TAI in Madrid.  It's been a long journey, but a very fulfilling one, I've had the opportunity to meet wonderful clients and been lucky to be a part of incredible projects.  I’ve completed hundreds of wedding films, several music videos, dozens of short films, and two theatrically released award winning feature length documentaries.

I’m a devoted husband and father of 2 beautiful boys.  For my wedding I produced my own wedding film, I can say for sure that my wife has seen it more than 100 times, and now my kids love watching it too.  In a wedding there are so many details, but sooner rather than later they will fade away, at the end of the day it will just be you and your spouse.  That’s why we shoot weddings, for you, your family, your kids and grandkids.  We’ve had the honor of capturing more than 500 weddings. 



Fun Fact:

When I was 13 years old I learned that the person that had watched more movies according to the Guinness Book of Records had seen 20,000 films.  So I set myself the goal to break that record, by watching at least 1 or 2 films per day.  In my teenage years I averaged about 400 films per year, now I don’t have enough time, but still watch at least 150 films a year.  This goal fueled my passion and love for film, it helped me learn about master directors from all over the world and throughout cinema history.  Its funny now how a random fact steered my whole life.

At ROMA Productions we are group of creatives focused on storytelling.  It's our goal to create beautiful cinematography to help get your message heard. Whatever that message is, whatever your story is about, let us help you tell it beautifully.